Krishna Banerjee

Krishna Banerjee (Teacher) About Me “Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other profession “ I am Krishna Banerjee presently working in IEM Public School as a Hindi Teacher. I am very much passionate towards my language.” Hindi”  is my favourite subject, so I did all my education with Hindi . Hindi is ranked… Continue reading Krishna Banerjee

Puja Deb Dasgupta

Puja Deb Dasgupta(Teacher) About Me I am a very passionate person in what I do and I always stay focused about what I try to achieve. I am Puja Deb Dasgupta, class teacher of Upper Nursery. My biggest achievement is my little children speaking in English and learning everything with fun and happiness. About My… Continue reading Puja Deb Dasgupta

Priyanka Ghosh

Priyanka Ghosh(Teacher) About Me I am Priyanka Ghosh, a positive attitude person, who has an enthusiastic outlook about life. I love my job and always feel a great sense of achievement after seeing my students develop and grow as good individuals. Being a Teacher I feel its my duty to nurture student with positive thoughts… Continue reading Priyanka Ghosh

Srabani Bardhan Ganguly

About Me Srabani Bardhan Ganguly(Teacher) I Mrs. Srabani Bardhan Ganguly, teacher of IEM Public School have a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life. I love my job and always having a sense of development and growth of my students . I always plan and organise their lesson according to their acceptance ability . I always… Continue reading Srabani Bardhan Ganguly

Arpita Indu

Srabani Bardhan Ganguly(Teacher) About Me I am Class Teacher of Class I. I am teaching Mathematics, Hindi, and Science. I have completed 3 years in IEM Public School. I have 17 years of experience in teaching. About School IEM Public School with a vision to nurture children from Nursery to 10th Standard. Children are offered… Continue reading Arpita Indu